23/10/2021 - NEW CLASSES!

We are really pleased to be able to offer some new daytime classes on a Thursday, starting on 28th October -  Please click HERE for more information



23/10/2021 - Dance List updated

Please click HERE to see what dances we have been teaching recently



18/09/2021 - Winter Wonderland

Please click HERE to read an update regarding our forthcoming ‘Winter Wonderland’ dance weekend



15/09/2021 - Class News & Dances!

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18/08/2021 - Important Update

Please click HERE to read an update regarding classes which were due to re-commence on 23rd / 24th August



05/08/2021 - Changes to Classes!

We have an important update about some changes to our classes beginning on 23rd August - click HERE to read the full details



04/08/2021 - Holidays

Please note that there will no classes on the following dates:

* Monday 16th August

* Tuesday 17th August



26/07/2021 - Outdoor Social

This week’s Outdoor Social will be on Friday 30th July at 10:30am … click HERE for more info


18/07/2021 - Outdoor Social

This week’s Outdoor Social will be on Thursday 22nd July at 10:30am … click HERE for more info


17/07/2021 - Covid 19 Level 0 update

Please click HERE to read an update regarding classes up to 9th & 10th August



11/07/2021 - Outdoor Social

This week’s Outdoor Social will be on Friday 16th July at 10:30am … click HERE for more info


21/06/21 - Welcome Back!

All classes at The Linedance Club reopened on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th June 2021. However due to Scottish Government legislation on indoor exercise classes, as well as our own desire to keep everyone safe, there are a number of restrictions in place.

The main points to note are that classes are restricted to 18 people per class and all classes must be booked in advance & must be pre-paid for a 4-week period – currently it is not possible to “just turn up & dance” and we apologise for this.

Revised Class Schedule

We have doubled the number of classes to try & accommodate everyone who expressed a wish to return to class, with each session being 1 hour in duration, as follows:


18:30 to 19:30 – Improver Class #1

19:40 to 20:40 – Improver Class #2

20:50 to 21:50 – Intermediate Class #1


18:30 to 19:30 – Beginner Class

19:40 to 20:40 – Improver Class #3

20:50 to 21:50 – Intermediate Class #2

** All classes are currently full - please let us know if you would like to go on the waiting list for any spaces which become available **

Paying for your Class(es)

Each class costs £5, and if you have booked to attend two classes then the cost is £8

You can pay for your classes via the following methods:

Bank Transfer – Sort Code 80-09-22 Account 10214366 (use your name as the Reference)

Paypalgary@garylafferty.co.uk  (You must tick Friends & Family, not Goods & Services)

Cash or Cheque by bringing a sealed envelope to your first class with your name written on the front … all cheques should be made payable to “Gary Lafferty” please

You must pay for 4 weeks please – so your total amount should be either £20 or £32

We are conscious that many of you may understandably be nervous about coming to class for the first time in 16 months, and we know that there are a number of guidelines that need to be followed, but hopefully the benefits of being able to dance together with outweigh all of that!

Arriving at The Lilybank

The full address is The Lilybank Sports & Social Club, Brewery Street, Johnstone, PA5 8BQ.

There is a hand sanitiser at the front entrance – please use this, and then press the intercom buzzer … the bar staff will unlock the door to allow entry. You must wear a mask to enter the Club.

** Please only enter the Club in the 10-minute period between classes , not during a class**

Inside the Club

Upon entry into the Club, please turn Right & proceed into the main hall. Marie or Gary will show you to an allocated table or booth – this will be “yours” for the initial 4-week period.

You must wear your mask whenever you are walking in the club – either going to the bar, the toilet or walking to your space on the dance-floor. You do not need to wear your mask whilst seated or while on the dance-floor (but you can if you wish)

We have placed additional bottles of hand sanitiser on the tables for your use if you wish.

The bar has a one-way system, please follow this.

** Please note that all drinks must be purchased at the bar, please do not bring your drinks – thank you ** Contactless card payment is available if you wish.

The Class

We realise that some of you may not have danced at all in the last 16 months whilst some of you have tuned in faithfully every week to our Online Classes “in the Kitchen” & we thank you for that support.

Gary will be walking through all of the dances initially, some may only “need a wall” whilst others will be more of a formal recap. This is to get you feeling comfortable on the floor again, so please bear with this (especially if you have been dancing online) as not everyone will be at the same level.

There will be 9 rows of 2 people on the dance floor, and each person will a 2 metre “square” to dance in … these will be outlined on the floor with flat rubber markers. You should be seated on the same side of the hall as “your” square – please dance in the same square at all classes.

The music cannot be at a high volume to the Club being a licenced premises, so please bear with us – and this also means no singing … including Gary – sorry! Haha.

All classes at the same level will have the same dances played so that everyone is progressing consistently.

Exiting the Club

Please follow the one-way system when existing the Club

You are free to chat outside - either in the bowling area or on the street - but please do not congregate at the doors so that people may enter or leave safely, and please do remember to keep a 2m social distance.


There are no plans to hold any Social Nights currently, as the social distancing requirements make this impractical. However Marie is hosting a weekly daytime Outdoor Social in Paisley at a beginner/improver level - the exact day of the social will be determined each weekend by the weather forecast! :-)

Thank You

We know that this will seem like a lot of information to take in, but hopefully most of is common sense, and we are incredibly grateful for your support as we begin our journey back onto the dancefloor.

Gary & Marie

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