Class News - 15th September 2021

Thanks to everyone who has joined us at class over the last three weeks, after an enforced break due to Gary having Covid - it’s been great to finally have the opportunity to teach some new dances!

You can find details of the dances taught via the links below.

Beginner Class - click HERE

Improver Class - click HERE

Intermediate Class - click HERE

We do also have some other things to raise generally:

1) Please do let us know immediately if you test positive for Covid after attending any of our classes … we are not looking to replace Track & Trace of course, but what we will do is notify everyone who attended the same class(es) as you because we keep an Attendance Sheet for every class. This will allow everyone to be aware & determine if they want to get tested.

2) If you are unwell, please do NOT come to class - this is just a Common Sense approach to try & keep everyone safe, including you … don’t worry about “missing out”!

3) If you have a cough (whether it’s ‘the sniffles’ or a post-Covid shortness of breath), please wear a mask at all times. This is to help protect everyone sitting around you, and again is just Common Sense. We know it’s not ideal dancing wearing a mask but you’ll have seen that Gary has been doing this because he still has a post-Covid cough & doesn’t want to spread any particles into the air.

4) Please dance next to the booth where you are sitting - if you are sitting close to the front of the hall then don’t try & dance at the back please! This will minimize the amount of walking around the floor before & after the dance is finished

5) Numbers at the class are still restricted, and we must insist that there are no more than three people in a row … please don’t try & “squeeze in” to a row where is no room to do so

We really don’t want to try & be over-zealous with rules & regulations - our main aim is allowing you to come along, relax and enjoy your night with us knowing that we are doing our best - where it’s within our gift to do so - at keeping you safe … this should all just be Common Sense we hope! :-)

Please do let us know if you have any questions, of course.


Gary & Marie